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Prescription Benefit

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What's Included?

Individual healthcare services for the entire family using a nationwide prescription program and telemedicine. Pricing is based on group size – all information is private and confidential! Did you know, 82% of the time when we need a doctor we can be safely treated using telemedicine? Recuro’s Prescription Benefit covers ~95% of the top 200 most prescribed maintenance medications typically prescribed through virtual care. Simply put, for very little per month an entire family can enjoy a zero-cost healthcare solution for a majority of their illnesses. Sample medications include: Albuterol, Amoxicillin, Metformin, Sertraline, and more!

Capability Description
Broad Prescription List Access to over 65 generic prescriptions for urgent care purposes at no cost to the member, plus the top 200 most prescribed maintenance medications
Extensive Network This Prescription Benefit is accepted at over 70K pharmacy locations across the U.S.
Prescription Benefit Card Easy-to-use, in-app card to present at pharmacy pickup
Home Delivery Mail order pharmacy for home delivery of covered chronic care medications
Easy-to-Use Member Portal An integrated member portal allows users to easily request home delivery of prescriptions
Reduced Health Plan Costs

Employer and health plan pharmacy expenditures are managed through a benefit that provides access to covered prescriptions at a PEPM rate.

Convenient Prescriptions

Members can pickup urgent care medications from the pharmacy with a conveniently placed digital card, or order ongoing medications by mail from the convenience of home.

More Favorable Health Outcomes

Increased adherence to care plans and follow through on medication pickup due to $0 prescription copay model and ease of access.

Product Features

Prescription Benefit Card
Medication Delivery
Extensive List of Prescriptions
National Pharmacy Network
Easy-to-Use Member Portal

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